The Summit


If you have been to a Mind Summit convention in the past, it will be great to see you back again! If this will be your first time, then here’s the good news: Mind Summit is back and better than ever in 2017!
The producers of the event — Danny Archer, Rainer Mees and Thomas Heine — are thrilled to announce plans for a 4th European Mentalism Convention: ‘Mind Summit 2017’.
And as you will see, we have made significant changes in the convention’s concept we know you both profit from and enjoy. A new concept for your benefitWe have changed the approach we used for previous conventions in order to make Mind Summit not only different from any similar events but also uniquely valuable for you.
Usually the producers of a convention draw up a list of interesting speakers and performers and then contact them to ask if they would like to give a presentation. It is then usually up to each speaker to decide what material they will present.
While this idea obviously has its benefits we are going to do it differently.
This time we have asked our audience what they wanted to see and now we’re searching for the presenters to match.
We asked our audience ‘What do you want to see? Which topics are of interest to you? And what do you want to learn?
Once we got their replies we then started to look for the very best presenters we could in order to ask if they would talk about those subjects.
But even then ‘names’ are not our major goal. What we are doing is contacting the best, the most knowledgeable and most experienced presenters of the topics.
We might approach a well-known performer in the business or we might ask someone you’ve never heard of instead. There are many extremely skillful, knowledgeable and experienced presenters out there who have not yet received the public recognition that they deserve. But if they have what you need we aim to get them.
It’s likely we’ll end up with a mixture of big names, unknowns and people somewhere in between. But we aim to get you the best content and skills possible. So, no more paying extra just because someone is famous! This is a convention for you. It’s the content and the skills you will be paying for – not somebody’s fame!
So this time you will know exactly what you will be getting and you can decide whether the content is for you. Of course, a single lecture may include some things you already know, but that’s unavoidable. But what is different from what you already know will be as clear as day as well.
Does that sound good?
Yes, we think so, too!
Okay! Take a look at our preliminary schedule, check out the topics for the Mind Summit 2017 lectures and start thinking about which ones you’ll see.
We’ll announce a full list of speakers once they have confirmed they’ll deliver what you want to hear.