Presenters at Mind Summit 2017


- Sven Heubes - Further Information

Sven, also well known as „The Mental Beast“ is the master of ghost magic.

His Spirit Cabinet is legendary since the last MindSummit.

The German Magic Magazin wrote:

„The Sven-Heubes Show is a successful mixture of charm, snout, a good portion of unflattering and a technically perfect presented illusion, in which not only the WHAT, but also the HOW decides … „

Sven is a amazing host and his voice is legendary as well!

Watch his Spirit Cabinet on YouTube:


Max Maven

Max Maven

- Max Maven - Further Information

Do we really need to introduce this living legend? Each attempt to list all his works, creations, acts, projects and achievements must fail – it would be fragmentary as hard as you try.

So let’s limit ourselves to this: Max has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs, top talkshows and variety specials, as well as acting on comedy and dramatic shows all over the world.  He published over 1700 creations in the conjuring literature, and was an advisor to over a hundred television shows.  As a consultant he has worked with David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, and many others.  He has also directed revue shows for several major American gambling casinos.

Max Maven has a fascinating history. He has been a successful radio announcer, graphic designer, author, pianist, teacher, singer, actor, lecturer, screenwriter, composer, advertising consultant, and chef. He reads over 150 books and magazines each month, and this constant flow of information provides a continual stimulation of new ideas for presenting his uncanny abilities.

The late Orson Welles wrote that Max Maven has „the most original mind in magic.“ So be prepared to something extraordinary.

Max will not only offer this extraordinary lecture at Mind Summit 2017 but as well a master class the day before the actual convention starts – which is September 07, 2017.

This class will include a compressed but deep history of mentalism, discussion of stagecraft and theory, plus some routines including material that has never been published. Obviously it features time for the attendees to ask questions on virtually anything they wish to discuss.



- Looch - Further Information

Looch is an Award-Winning Mind Reader & Mentalist who specialises in entertaining at a range of corporate events, private parties & weddings all over the UK & Europe.

His unique skills combined with his humour & professionalism have resulted in him quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts of this type for hire in the UK today.

He has lectured to thousands of performers all over the world and has written several best selling books on mentalism including Simple & Direct (SAD) & the Tarbell book of the year 2015, The Black Project. He is considered by his peers to be one of the most creative performers of close up mentalism in the world today.

Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay_quadrat

- Luke Jermay - Further Information

Jermay is a psychedelic cult leader converting every mind he encounters to the religion of mystery.  His favourite word is “Abracadabra” and does not enjoy long walks on the beach or sunsets.  You have been warned.

Jan Forster

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- Jan Forster - Further Information

Jan Forster got a huge name in Germany, a big one throughout Europe and, latest since his appearances as one of the headliners and lecturer during the “Mindvention” 2011 in Las Vegas, the “Mind Summit” 2014 in Cologne and his overwhelmingly perceived “Penguin Magic Live Lecture” in 2016, he is also well known in the rest of our “mental world”.

He is working as a full time pro since 1983, mainly doing theatres with his own full evening show, clubs, corporate shows, cruise ships and occasional TV appearances. Being a pupil of Henk Vermeyden and Joe Nex he started as a manipulator in magic. He won with his original act „Smoker’s Dream“ several 1st prizes, including the Grand Prix Prag 1981, the German Championship in 1984-86, the Tarocco D’Oro Bologna 1983, Merlin Vienna 1991 and some more. No wonder, he is known also as a superb “cardician”.

Having been always interested in mentalism and mental magic he turned completely mental in 2000. His deep knowledge and hard school of magic was and is often of great help, but he had to forget also things he had learned in so many years. He did.

Being member of the Magic Circle (MZvD) and the Society of European Mentalists (GEM) he has published highly acclaimed lecture notes, DVDs and contributions to several books and many magazines. He has published 6 books in German. A big book in English is in preparation, containing all (previously in German) published material plus some more and updates. Currently, it is translated and expected to be ready by end of 2017.

Many call him “Germany’s most entertaining mentalist” as he easily holds his audience’s attention for two hours and longer during his full evening shows. Colleagues praise his dedication to perfectionism and his painstaking eye for subtleties and details. Although very busy he loves to meet, share and brainstorm with other mentalists. Besides that, he loves to read in his huge library.

Being fluent in 6 languages he is travelling worldwide. He is married to Danielle. They have two young daughters (and a cat) and live in Germany when not travelling.

Bob Cassidy wrote about him: “Jan is the epitome of the classic mentalist persona. His ACAAN is one of the best I’ve seen and his knowledge and skills are world class.”

His mother thinks he is the best, his kids (still) believe he’s great…☺

Florian Severin

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- Florian Severin - Further Information

Theory is for the faint of heart! Most mentalists hide behind endless planning and fruitless discussion and shy away from the actual performance. This lecture is different! It’s a tricks-only lecture and no time will be wasted explaining the boring „issues behind“. Germany’s most toughtless mentalist (Florian Severin, that is) will teach you as many tricks as possible, given that noe one interrupts him with pointless questions on „why“. The classics of mental magic will be transformed into the new century.
Farewell, billet reading. Welcome, party mentalism!

Personally, I am convinced I am a mentalist.
Follow magicians think I do mental magic.
My friends say that I am a magician.
My parents suggest I should finally get a proper job.

Patrick Ehrich


Patrick Ehrich - Further Information

•    university degree (Staatsexamen) in music and english
•    several years of private composing studies
•    2004 several study visits with Louis Andriessen in Amsterdam, sponsored by a scholarship of the Siemens Arts Program
•    extensive activity as musician in bands, choirs and orchestras with countless gigs and many CD-productions
•    since 1998: regular jobs as composer and arranger for TV, film and many ensembles
•    since 2006: teacher, currently also lecturer at the department of music education of the University of Regensburg
•    since 2011: magician and mentalist
•    since 2013: growing activity as composer and musical adviser for many German macigians (Luke Dimon, Thommy Ten, Sebastian Nicolas and Thomas Heine)

Dr. Knut Knackstedt


- Dr. Knut Knackstedt - Further Information

Knut Knackstedt, PhD. was born December 14th (the birthday of Nostradamus – merely a coincidence? Who knows?),1972.

He works as a healing practitioner for psychotherapy, as a management trainer and as a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück (Lingen). That is… if he doesn´t follow his main profession.

Which is, of course, bizarre-magickal entertainment.

Working in this field professionally for more than 13 years by now, he has developed more than 13 evening-shows, some Specials with truly innovative twists, he has been attending a long-running (more than 3 years) dinner-magic event, he has established a series of lectures on “Midnight-Magic” – a concept he was allowed to use by permission of his “mentor” Borodin (Ulf Bolling) and he is the author of the books Baphomet and Styx and producer of the Digipak 10, featuring the first BluRay in the magical Tutorial-market.

About the workshop

Visual storytelling – you may have heard of this current paradigm in viral advertisement – is one of the keys to all strong magic: Lively pictures, nourished by emotions, that just cannot be ignored or put aside. Pictures that can and will nudge the onlookers to set out on journeys towards unknown, even frightening or bizarre shores. A beginning. The beginning of a story to be told.

In the workshop, Dr. Knut Knackstedt exercises ways of finding, developing and using strong individual core-visuals to artfully expand upon. Examples of his own use of this approach are given and explained, connecting old and new, even original mentalistic thinking and modern story-telling.

Marco Fida


- Marco Fida - Further Information

MARCO FIDA walks the fine line between seeing and believing: his demonstrations of mind-to-mind contact are a unique blend of suggestion, perceptual finesse, and intuition, a mesmerising invitation to explore the hidden powers of the human mind.

A former member of the Psychic Entertainers Association, he contributed to its newsletter Vibration and to Bascom Jones’ Magick. In 2016, he was a guest lecturer and performer at Luke Jermay’s The Event in London.

At Mind Summit 2017, he will present and discuss THE LEGACY, his own rendition of the classic and rarely seen art of contact and non-contact mindreading.

Ant Jacquin

Anthony Jacquin

- Anthony Jacquin - Further Information

Anthony Jacquin’s first contact with hypnosis was via his father in 1995. After learning hypnosis and helping others with it, he told Anthony he felt like he was vested with a special power, as if he was wearing an invisible cloak.

So Anthony learnt the basics and eventually did his first session back in 1995 and became hooked.

His interest spread into entertaining with hypnosis and mentalism, and he became a professional performer in 2004. My specialty is mixing close up magic and mind games with hypnosis and he have been fortunate enough to perform for a wide variety of people, companies and festivals as well as featuring on both BBC Radio and ITV television. As well as this he has provided hypnotic consultancy on several major magic shows

In 2007 he wrote the seminal book ‚Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis‘, which put hypnosis skills into the hands of every kind of mystery performer.

Between 2008 and 2016 he co-developed the Head Hacking brand as the integration of hypnosis and mentalism matured.

Now he spends much of his time travelling the world sharing his ideas about hypnosis, teaching others about this fascinating art.

Although what he does and teaches now is a world away from what he did twenty years ago, the magical feeling that comes from knowing you can use words to change someone’s reality, whether that is to entertain or to change someone’s life remains.

In this lecture he will clarify why hypnosis is in fact a jewel in the crown of suggestion, rather than the other way around and why this is great news for mentalism. He will demonstrate two of his personal effects, The Mask of Sanity and The Annie De Montfort Séance.